Re: water sources

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Mon, 21 Feb 94 16:11:52 EST

> Reverse osmosis systems are pretty cheap nowdays. I have a 25 gal
> a day unit, which provides enough for my 100 gallon aquarium,
> by outdoor pond and cp bog, and my wife's tea needs. That unit
> was $225 a few years ago. Aquarium magazines such as
> Freshwater and Marine Aquarium carry tons of ads for these units.
> However our local Price Club has similar models for well under
> $200.
> -Dave B

Dave: That sounds about right for my needs, I don't know much about RO
systems, it seems to me that one kind of system produces pure water but at the
expense of a high volumn of waste water, -water that could not be used. Who
knows what I'm remembering, is that the RO system?