invertibrate zoo. question

Philp Mueller (hi23ahg@convex1.TCS.Tulane.EDU)
Mon, 21 Feb 94 10:43:59 CST

Here in New Orleans my garden has become over-run with a worm-
like creature that is reputed to feed on earthworms. I have
keyed it down to the Turbolarians, _Bitalium kewensis_ or _B.
adventitium_. In the small amout of literature I have, I can find
no mention of what these species eat. It is very general and
says "some" species feed on small annalids. These creatures are
found throughout the humid Gulf Coast and Florida. Has anyone
had experiences with them? Will they harm my earthworm population?
If they are a threat, how do I get rid of them without depopulating
the entire garden. They like to hide out in the bark or fernwood
of my orchid pots and I find them under the pots of my carnivorous
plants. Although I do not suspect that they will harm my potted
plants in anyway. However, If I want to rid my garden of them, I must use something that will not harm my potted plants. Anyone
have this problem? Any suggestions?
Phil Mueller