fungus or mold problems

Mon, 21 Feb 94 01:03:51 PST

An all time record...I had sown a few trays of seeds and two days later
a mold of some type was clearly visible. Quite possibly two different
types of mold we re present. One looked like long straight white fibers
1/2 cm in little tufts. The other seems to only grow on the seed
coatings a close white mat.
I was desperate and seemed to recall someone recommending a
fungicide with benomyl. I mixed it up to specs. and applied it. The
next day the mold had acct ually increased...I mixed up a stronger batch
and applied it. (haven't seen the result yet as been away for a day).
The media is milled sphagnum temps range from 75f day to 60f night. The
trays are open to the air and sitting in a southern exposure 2 feet
from a window. Is benomyl the best treatment or should I
dust the seeds, soak in low concentration bleach?
Any thoughts?