VFT propogation and _Sphagnum_

Fri, 18 Feb 1994 12:50:06 -0600 (CST)

I'm about to put a bunch of VFTs into tissue culture and I wanted to do
this by seed (as I have little sterile VFT tissue). I was wondering if anyone
knew much about this. Specifically, will VFT seeds germinate better in vitro
(or in terra, for that matter) if they have been stratified? If so, for how
long? Also, is there a media pH that works better? And for in terra
propogation, what produces mature VFTs faster: seeds, leaf cuttings, or tissue
culture (or another method)? On leaf cuttings, does root stimulator help or
can you use hormones from a pre-transplant media to help stimulate roots?
And on _Sphagnum_, I think someone mentioned once that you could
purchase _Sphagnum_ spore? Did I misinterpret? Where could you get something
like that and/or how could you produce it yourself? Like I said before, there
is not a lot of _Sphagnum_ in College Station, Texas, so I still find it rather
fascinating. :) Thanks again.