Re: reptiles

phil mueller (
Thu, 17 Feb 94 21:30:04 CST

Friends of mine were offered a job at the University of Hawaii and
refused because they couldn't take their pet iguana. It is harder
than heck for a married couple in the same discipline to get a job
in the same state, much less the same university. I would have had
an iguana casserole and been on the plane. Hawaii has some strong
regs for the importation of reptiles. I guess they have had some
very bad experiences with naturalized creatures, both plant and

I have not had a reply from the agriculture station at Kauai about
getting cultivars of taro. I guess I'll have to write again.

Are you going to be anywhere near New Orleans on your vacation?


Phil Mueller Tulane Graduate School Xavier Univ. of LA History Dept.