Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 15:47:13 MST

>Nuff said - this isn't I. lutea (and I assume the others aren't carnivorous)

Perhaps more accurately, the others haven't been examined for carnivory.
Just having inverts stick onto and die on a plant does not really
satisfy the requirements to be considered carnivorous. But apparently
some studies have been made in which nutrient absorption was demonstrated
with _I.lutea_.

>form of this plant - mine is like a bizarre candelabra with only the cutting
>stem in the ground and a dozen branches (most "branched" again). This is
>unlike the other Stapelias I've seen which "creep" as each stem emerges at

Sounds like my _Stapelia gigantea_ as well. Nasty plant. When it flowers,
run away!