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Wed, 16 Feb 94 20:28:53 +0000

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Just read your next mail

>Does the Ping study group suggest anything
>for European-hibernaculum forming species? I am trying some _P.longifolia_.
>For now I have them in a pot of vermiculite, with a thin top covering
>of sand so I don't lose the hibernacula...

Remember my "National Collection of Pings?

Well what I prefer is a mix of horticultural sharp sand, peat (yes I
know it's acid) and crushed tufa, with the finest sifting on the top if
used for seeds. The European species are generally seen as "bog"
plants but do better in drier conditions. I get excellent results by
potting them in the mix described, then standing the pot in sand and
then covering all with a plastic cover to maintain humidity. I keep
the sand very dampo but not swimming. Clay pots are best as they draw
in the water from the sand more easily.

But you must keep the temperatrure down and with the plastic cover,
direct sunlight is fatal! Keep in shade.