Re: Acclimating CPs to direct sunlight

Wed, 16 Feb 1994 10:54:56 -0500 (EST)


I am suprised that Bill thinks the old growth won't acclimate, but this
will be my first year moving my _Nepenthes_ outside. I've done this with
_Drosera_ before and usually the first thing that happens is a drop in dew
production. I always blamed this on lower humidity outside relative to a
terrarium. After 1-2 weeks dew production picked back up and with the most
dew in the evenings and morning. With the few _Nepen._ I've got I do know
that increasing the fluorescent light intensity causes some purple coloration
on the old leaf blades and I expect the same to happen when they go outside.
I don't think you can expect the old growth to take on the bright coloration
associated with high sunlight though. Just be careful whatever you decide to
do. I left an orchid in a "protected" spot 2 years ago and it did fine for
3 overcast days; then the sun came out full force. It survived and bloomed,
but is still carrying some scorched leaves. Also watch out for three insect
pests which we have in NC. One is a locust sized grasshopper, much to large
for most traps. The ubiquitous aphids, worst in the fall when they feed on
maple trees. Finally a small weevil about 5 mm long and gray in color. This
weevil is built like a tank and loves _Drosera_ leaves. I watched one eat its
way out of a dewy _D. capensis_ leaf in about 5 min. Sorry, I'm rambling

Jeff in NC