re:grass-like plant

Earl Nishiguchi (earln@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Mon, 14 Feb 94 15:59:43 HST

Hi Kevin Snively,
Word 'Everett' sounded a note since just last night my son and I were
discussing about seeing the Boeing Factory in Everett in March. My son
(11 years old) is into airplanes and it is one of our must see places.

Anyone out there in Washington or Vancouver areas know of the 'safest'
place to try skiing? This will be our very first attempt and we want to
go where it is ideal of beginners...

Speaking of cold, I looked at my vft in the refrigerator last night and
they look green and still 'alive' so I guess it is good news. Am planning
to take them out after we return from our trip at the end of March...