CP introduction

THOMAS K. HAYES (tkh@mc3b2.bloomu.edu)
Sun, 13 Feb 94 22:08:48 EST

My name is Tom Hayes and I live in PA. I have been growing CP for the past
four years. Early on in my quest to acquire CP, finding both plants and
information was quite difficult. Now, with the aid of modern technology,
I have the most valuable resource at my fingertips.....All of you and your
collective experiences. I couldn't believe it when I found out there was
a publication called the CPN. I subscribed immediately and eventually
got hold of several issues from a friend, Tom Johnson. In fact, if I never
got introduced to Tom or Gordon Snelling, I don't know if I would have the
extensive collection that I do today.

I grow a little bit of everything. I just got interested in nepenthes over
the past year. I only have nine different plants at the moment and I am
going to expand this portion of my collection in the near future. I would
like to personally correspond with anyone if you have extra plants. I am
working on entering my list into the computer so I can send it out as a
file to anyone interested in trading. My address is:


I am excited to become a member of the group. I look forward to
corresponding with any of you that contact me.

Take care & keep on growing,

-Tom- Hayes