Where do I teach?

Sun, 13 Feb 94 05:56:51 EST


I teach independantly, for freedom. I teach a two term, 5 month class to
about fifteen first year students. This includes 10 all day field trips, 5
camping trips, and 16 2-3 hour lectures. Students are taught to use
Hitchcocks Flora of the Pacific NW, and to locate, identify, harvest, and
process medicinal, food, and other useful plants in an environmentally sound
way. The bulk of the field work is in the low to middle elevation forests on
the west side of the Cascade Mountains, which is similar to your flora.
Second year students help with research projects co-ordinated with such
groups as the forest service, Ore. natural heritage program, and the OSU
herbarium in a variety of Oregon ecosystems ranging from the coast to the

So I get to teach outside, most of the year.

But I've never seen a native carnivorous plant in OR, although Darlingtonia
californica still grows on the coast a few hours away. Perhaps a drive is in
order this year.

Howie Brounstein