D. adelae tips

Sat, 12 Feb 94 19:42:09 PST

Mailed off your postage check a couple of days ago should get there
any day. Sounds like every available horizontal space in your house has
CP (as it sh ould be). I'll keep my seeds faithfully watered ( I also
ordered D. peltata see ds so you'll have to let me know your success
story in a bit...
Kevin gave me some similar pointers concerning D. adelae (it is the
one you sent) saying that red coloration can be a sign of distress and
that to be wary of strong sun (mine is being moved from a south facing).
Ok... who can answer this? What is the best time to plant
australian tuber producing sundew seeds in the U.S.? If our seasons are
reversed and the seed s don't take environmental cues but are time
clocked? Should we plant in our sp ring which is approaching their
winter to give them time to tuber produce or wi ll our hot summer induce
dormancy once germinated killing them before tuber is formed? I'm
really confused... Kirk