U. humboltii et. al. (again)

MCCAFFERY, MICHAEL W (MWM@gnv.ifas.ufl.edu)
11 Feb 94 13:04:00 EST

Thanks for your reply. I would love to trade or (?) for U. asplundii
U. alpina and especially U. humboltii. However...
Unfortunately, one of the problems of starting a collection is a dearth
of trading material. I can offer you cuttings of an unknown Nepenthes
hybrid (like coccinea) or divisions of Sarracenia flava var. Ornata,
S. flava var. rugelii (?), S. purpurea x flava, and S. leucophylla.
I also have pound quantities of a yellow Utric. (gibba?) and some of a
purple flowered form (purpurea?). Both grow well in my lily ponds.
As far as non-CPs, I can offer you any of a large number of waterlily
hybrids (tropical). Other plants can be found (esp aroids) and some orchids.
If none of this piques your interest, would a pecuniary exchange be
acceptable? I will search for U. jamesoniana and U. campbelliana off-net
and inform you as soon as I find out anything. Thanks again,