Re: Drosophylum Germination
Thu, 10 Feb 94 00:37:39 EST

I plant the seeds into 6" pots with my medium in them. I plant the seeds
about an 1/8th to a 1/4 of an inch deep. The medium is damp, but not wet. I
then put plastic over them and place them in a warm shady place. I plant
three seeds to the pot and always get one germination, often two and three is
not uncommon.

I grow my plants on an east side of my house and use the collar method once
they are a little larger. I water when almost dry. When larger, I've found
them to be somewhat forgiving of mistakes, but don't push it! Cold and wet
will do them in every time. I haven't had a problem with cold (low 40s F),
but water is anathema.

I wouldn't start any seed until the spring or your plants will probably
succumb to a myriad (dog's breath?) of fungus infections. On the bright
side, they die quickly.