Re: Drosophylum Germination

Glenn Rankin (
Wed, 9 Feb 94 14:23:54 PST

> >>Hi Folks. I'm soliciting methods for germinating _Drosophyllum_ seeds. I
> >>know they're touchy about fungus. Thanks
> I've had good luck with the following:
> 1) soak the seeds in warm water overnight.
> 2) before planting scarify the seed coat by
> giving it a quick single rub on some light
> sandpaper.
> I read about this method in CPN years ago.
> It works. I've never had problems with
> fungous on Drosopyllum, perhaps because
> I had it in a less wet medium than other
> CP.
> Robert

I tried that last spring with about 35 seeds and only one plant came up.
I made another attempt in August, but followed Joe Mazrimas' suggestions:

1) Soak the seeds for a good 24 hours in distilled water

2) Don't scarify the seeds. Joe says that that makes the seeds susceptible
to fungus.

3) Push the seeds into the medium (1/2 perlite 1/2 vermiculite) so you
can almost not see them from above.

4) Keep the pot sitting in a dish of water.

5) Wait six to eight weeks.

Using this method I got 5 of 5 to germinate.