Re: Sarracenia Flowering Seasons

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 9 Feb 94 13:08:51 EST

>How did you set up your arrangement (or arrange your set-up)?
>My Sarracenia flower each year during the spring. Your hybrid >flowering
>right now---I bet it's in a terrarium that doesn't give it strong >clues
>as to spring/summer/winter/fall, eh?

But Barry - It is spring! :) I guess being under lights does influence this
one some. But what I really meant was that they won't all cooperate and flower
the same week. -ha! For ex, the hybrid is just about to drop its petals, while
my leucs and flavas outside are just showing buds at the growth crown. Chances
are the leucs will finish first and the flavas will limp in two weeks later.
Then the leucs will one-up by flowering again in October.

As for the fair, they're predicting 1.5 mill visitors, so the exposure is
good. As to the setup, we put everything pretty much together split between
the large aquariums. I know this is far from ideal, but we couldn't figure a
good quick alternative. Trouble is, we did have a few days where the nights
got to about 40F., now we have two weeks of days in the 80+F expected. But
next year....

By the way, does everybody regularly get their Sarracenias from seed to flower
in two years? If so, I'm going to give up on CP and grow weeds, - at least I
do that well.

Tom in Florida