San Diego Bromeliads

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Tue, 8 Feb 94 10:17:51 MST

Hola Companeros!

A few matters:

>Does anyone have information on Brocchinia Reducta and Brocchinia bectoides.
>To date all I know is that they are bromeliads and they were added to the
>carnivorous plant list in 1984.


It's not clear to me what kind of info do you want? Ecology? Range?
Horticulture? Photo references?

Like I said before, it is a Venezuelan plant that grows near, if not on,
Tepuis. You occasionally see it offered by various CP nurseries (Allen
Lowrie has sold it, I recall), although not as often as the other putative
CP Bromeliad _Catopsis_.


The missus and I are flying to San Diego CA for the weekend. Any CP or
botanical items of interest there? I know about the zoo and sea world and
wild animal park (done that, been there, seen it)...

I'm also in charge of finding out about whale-watching. Anybody with leads?

Speaking of whales, any good sushi bars? :)