Re: halogen lights? (was Re: Halide lamps (short) )

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Mon, 7 Feb 94 10:57:16 MST

>Does anyone have information on Brocchinia Reducta and Brocchinia bectoides.
>To date all I know is that they are bromeliads and they were added to the
>carnivorous plant list in 1984.


_B.reducta_ is Venezuelan. There are pictures of these, as well as perhaps
_B.bectoides_, in CPNs within the last 5 years.

Jan writes:

>If these were accepted as cp, one would have to accept _Capsella_
>(Brassicaceae), _Pelargonium_, _Geranium_ (Geraniaceae), _Petunia_,
>_Solanum_ (Solanaceae), _Lathraea_ (Scrophulariaceae), _Dipsacus_
>(Dipsacaceae), _Molinia_ (Poaceae), almost *all* Bromeliaceae and Araceae,
>and too many others, too.
>BTW, I do not think that _Roridula_ is carnivorous (even if this is
>included in my list).

Jan, I don't understand this at all. Indeed those other species have been
argued as carnivorous at various times in history. But just because
carnivory in _Catopsis_ and _Brocchinia_ is becoming suspected does not mean
you have to open the floodgates to the others. You note that your list
is personalized to your whims by the inclusion of _Roridula_. There's no
reason that you must allow these other species just because you allow
a few Bromeliads...