Re: Re: Desert Peas

John Taylor [The Banshee] (
Sat, 5 Feb 94 20:22:10 DST

>> After (partly) starting this 'off the subject' thread, I can add that
>> I have grown plants of Clianthus puniceus from seed. This plant
>> is sometimes known as the 'Lobster claw'. Unlike
>> C. formosus, it is no trouble at all. Hopefully I will get my first
>> flowers this spring. This is one of those plants which will just
>> about survive out of doors in the UK in favourable locations, although
>> mine are still indoors for safety.
>This may be a FAQ, but how does carnivory manifest itself in Clianthus?
>I'm not familiar with the plant.

It's not a FAQ - Clianthus *isn't* a CP, but it has such beautiful flowers
that it's worth mentioning occasionally... (My two SDP seedlings had a
extreme case of sunstroke :-( Lucky I only planted 1/5 packet...)
"Off the subject threads" do pop up every now and again (anyone want to
start up the venomous snake or sphag fungus disease discussions again? ;-) )

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