Re: thermostats and Wardian cases

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Tue, 1 Feb 94 09:51:30 EST

>>I'd buy a thermostat (a $30 Dayton one would be fine), hook it up
>>to a light bulb, and be done with it.

Barry: what's a Dayton thermostat? Is it integrated with a mechanical or
electrical switching system?

-Wardian case, not Edwardian, - what I know about English history would fill a
matchbook cover, but I thought that the furniture style from the late Victorian
was named for Edward VII and these cases were named for the period. Wasn't
that when some of the classic Nepenthes hybrids were first developed?

On a different note, I believe I have successfully pollinated an H. minor. Can
anyone tell me how long it will take the seed to mature? Similar to
Sarracenia? Assuming it gets that far, anyone have tips on seed treatment?
For examp. do they need a cold spell like Sarracenias or scarification?

Florida Tom,