_Pinguicula_ vs. study group

Joachim Nerz (zxmxo07@student.uni-tuebingen.de)
Mon, 31 Jan 94 12:53:47 +0100

Hi Michael,

nice to hear from you.
Don't worry, In Vitro culture is nothing, which you realy need.
It's just nice to play with and you can get a good mass of plants in a
short time of some species. The system is quite easy, you cultivate it
on a medium like gelatine (agar) with a special mix of nutrients. If
you want to divide it or to get roots, you can give them hormones to
control itl. I'm sorry, but I think, you won't get happy, if you want
to do it in your kitchen, because you need a space to work on, which is
free from contaminants (special clean-boxes or sth. like this), if you
want to get happy with it. So don't worry, you don't need this system,
most of my plants I also grow on earth like most of you.

See you