Who is Steve Baker

Sun, 30 Jan 94 13:27:22 EST

I was keeping CP about 15 years ago. Got marriage and interest changed. I
just got back keeping CP's Sept. 92. I am many interested in Nepenthes and
Pings. I am currently the new editor of the CPN for the ICPS. My main purpose
for doing the CPN was to get it back on track and as the membership increased
to improve it. So if you are not a member of the ICPS please join today or
have not renewed do so today. We need your support. If I can help you please
let me know. I can be reached at STEVEB4706@AOL.COM or by US Mail at the
following address: Rt.1, Box 540-19AB, Conover, NC 28613 or by Phone :
704-256-7035 their is an answering mach. if not at home please leave message.