lost my access

kirk martin (SESRC@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
Sun, 30 Jan 94 00:43:35 PST

I'm using a work account to send this so please don't try to mail back
to this e-mail address. My worst fear has been realized they figured
out i'm not a student any longer and terminated my account. I'll have
to work on getting another one quickly or permission to receive my cp
stuff on this number. Jeff not sure what happened, I still haven't
received the shipment you sent (as of Saturday) It sure as hell isn't
two-day or even priority but as they are quick to point out (no
guarantees). Hope they didn't get frozen somewhere in a Chicago
airport. Even checked my P.O. Box in case Thomas Johnson might have
given you that address too: My snail-mail is :

kirk martin
1100 VanArsdol St.
Clarkston, WA 99403
509 758 4854

Hope your CP's are ok my mom in Massachusetts said the temps reached
-26F and two days later was 50. Unfortunately I guess you should
Unsuscribe me until my account situation is resolved.