Phototron, Nepenthes, etc.
Thu, 27 Jan 94 1:26:40 EST

The Phototron is about around $200.00. They have a few gizzies
which are worth while, like the automatic watering system. It
is excellent for starting plants from seed and continuing to
grow those plants. It is a little harder to grow plants raised
in a greenhouse, as putting them in the Phototron is like putting
them outside in the full sun for the first time.

If your thinking of getting one, I highly reccomend it. They
really do produce results. If you actually get one, I have a
few suggestions:

1) Ignore all of their literature about custom made nutrients. These
nutrients are for plants who are interested in obtaining those nutrients
from their roots, CP are definately not that kind of plant.

2) Choose the plants you are going to put in it and that you plan to
keep in it. Once you have planted them, start the photo period out at
6 to 7 hours. Then, increase their day by an hour a week. By the end
of the six to seven weeks, they will be very hardy and producing unusually
large traps and leaves.

3) I have tried Sundews, VF and Nepenthes. The sundews love the phototron
and the Nepenthes certainly seem to like it. The VF's I have tried die,
and die quickly. Granted, I have only tried two, but I consider that
enough (one man can only take so much heart ache).

If you have a serious interest, contact me directly at and I will be happy to answer any questions.