non-acidic soils

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 26 Jan 94 14:57:32 MST

I have just gotten a few hibernacula of European _Pinguicula_ which
require a neutral or basic soil medium. So we're back to an old
question: How do I make a soil mix for them?

Rob Maharajh (who sent them) suggested a 1:1:1 sand/perlite/crushed limestone
mix. So where in the phone book do I look for crushed limestone?

Sunday night the missus and I were at a wine-tasting, and sitting next to
us was a chemist. Chemistry is a field I've never understood to my
satisfaction. So I seized the opportunity to ask him some questions (I
know, kind of nerdy of me). He told me the most amazing thing. He claims
that water running over limestone actually becomes acidic because of the
carbonate ions (carbonic acid, carbonation).

So are _Pings_ that are said to grow in a neutral or neutral-basic media
really doing so?