Re. Weird Tissue and Comparison

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Mon, 24 Jan 94 09:44:36 MST

>I have a question for those Nepenthes growers out there. I am using a
>Phototron to grow about 5 Nepenthes. The Phototron realy does improve


Cool! I've seen those Phototrons advertised in various magazines, and it
looked like they were pitching very hard for indoor _Cannabis_ growers.
So, what is that thing? It looks like some weird terrarium with vertical
fluorescent lights. So, do you think it grows plants better than other
more conventional arrangements?

>I noticed that a tiny sundew has started to grow from the flower
>scape of a D. intermedia I have in a terrarium. I have never added

I believe this is called either "false vivipary" or "vegetative apomyxsis",
but in any event I've seen it happen to this species in cultivation and
in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.