agar for seeds?

kirk martin (98286229@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
Sun, 23 Jan 94 16:47:13 PST

I've heard a few different ways to germinate seeds ie. beds of peat in
a bag and forget about it among others. I recently heard you say you
use .7% mixture o f sigma agar. Just curious what other nutrients you
add to that and if you have experimented with any antibiotics to keep
fungal growth down. I seem to recall we used a small amount of
ampicillin in our lab to control molds etc. I've ordered a few packets
of the more common cp's from the seed bank and want to get some things
set up. Kevin do you happen to know of any CP greenhouses in the
Tri-Cities out here? I'm planning a road trip soon to go visit some
friends. Any ideas? Sounds like your D. adelae is in Darwin's book
under "survival of the fittest" Jeff it was 53 here yesterday hope you
get some warm weather soon....