Don Burden (donb@coplex.coplex.com)
Thu, 20 Jan 94 19:50 EST

Gibbrellic Acid:
I would hesitate to use this on any healthy, growing plant. This is a growth
hormone that typically causes a plant to produce a spurt of ugly, etiolated,
and unnatural growth; and will weaken the plant to near-death if too much is
used. It is commonly used for inducing seeds to germinate though.

It snowed 16 inches last Monday - this is a record! Temperature Tuesday
went down to -25F (-32C), also a record low!. Mail couldn't get through
and all highways in Kentucky were closed by the governor until today!
Temperature will not be above freezing until Saturday.

On the orchids e-mail group someone explained how they store orchid pollen -
Pollen is put on glass slides in a sealed container with silica gel on the
bottom to absorb moisture, then the container is put in the refrigerator for
two days. After that, the silica gel is removed and the pollen can then be
stored in the freezer in a sealed container. The pollen remains viable for
nearly a year.

Drosera adelae:
I grow mine in a shallow tray 2 inches deep. Nearly the whole surface is
covered with plants. Soil is pure peat moss.

Andreas Wistuba:
Andreas will be posting to this CP group his new 1994 price list soon. I'll
take all orders for U.S. growers. We are working on getting an order
together for expected delivery next September. We have already finalized
an order for May delivery, but everyone still has time to join our group
order for the second shipment in September (or earlier).

Don Burden
New Albany, Indiana, USA