Re: _D. adelae_

James Powell (
Thu, 20 Jan 94 11:25:05 -0500

>I've got 5 _D. adelae_ growing in 4" pots. They've done great but recently
>the main plants have really cut back on growth and the new leaves look

>stunted. About the same time new plants appeared off the older roots and are
>growing quickly. I'm planning on moving the plants up to 6" pots as soon as I

>get a new terrarium set up, but have other folks seen _D. adelae_ behave this

One of my plants is doing the same thing. It recently moved from outdoors in
natural light to a basement terrarium under flourescent light. The last two
leaves are sickly twisted little things, but a healthy new plant has appeared
at the edge of the pot. I also noticed the main plant seems to have a flower
shoot. Maybe yours is going to bloom also?