19 Jan 94 14:00:00 EST

After lurking on this server for sometime and taking part in the big
group buy from Andreas, I should introduce myself.
My name is Mike Mccaffery. I am 31 and employed as a lab technician
(biologist, read Igor) in the Horticultural Sciences Dept at the
University of Florida in Gainesville. I am married and have lived
in Gainesville since 1986. My main plant interests (in no particular
order) are carnivorous plants, waterlilies, and orchids. I have grown
orchids and CPs since childhood; the waterlilies are a recent obsession.
My CP collection consists of several Sarracenia sp and hybrids,
some Drosera and a few Pinguicula - all of the above are in a
peat-filled "bog" in my backyard. I also have some Nepenthes in my
greenhouse; a few mature plants and several cuttings (courtesy of
Andrew Marshall's generous offer). Most of my plants and information
are from Clyde Bramblett has been very helpful to me.
I have enjoyed the discussions on the network, especially on taxonomy,
evolution and tissue culture. My thanks to all who have contributed to this
great group.