Re: Unknown subject
Fri, 14 Jan 94 22:56:05 EST

Barry--You're absolutely right about the greenhouse extremes. This winter
has been mild, so I have not run the heater. The temperatures have rarely
dropped below 50 F. During the day, the temperatures in the greenhouse soar
to the high 90s and above, but then the ambient temperatures have been in the
80s this week. I have a small swamp cooler and a fan. The greenhouse is
covered with two layers of 6 mil UV resistant plastic. This is topped off
with with shadecloth. I also plan to add a misting system. And I am
concerned about this summer. Hopefully, I'll be able to make adjustments as
I go along.

I've had good success with Lowrie's tuberous Drosera seed. I plant it in
August in a dry and let it soak up some of the heat. I start watering when
the weather cools down. The seeds will germinate outside where the
temperatures rarely dip below 45 F. I am of the opinion that heat may
inhibit germination. I believe that the seed may be thrown off schedule by
the shift of seasons. I do much better germinating seeds from my collection.
Although I would say that my success has not been intoxicating. My
difficulties arise in setting tubers at the end of the growing season. Any