Fri, 14 Jan 94 02:15:41 EST

Good Evening:

To start with the basics, I'd like to thank Rick Walker for his assistance.
It has been a pretty steep learning curve, but I think I'm there.

My name is Tom Johnson and I reside in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles.
I've been growing CP with varying levels of intoxication since the mid 1970s.
I enjoy all CP, but my favorites are Pings, Utrics, and Nepenthes.

I just completed construction of a 10 ft by 10 ft plastic covered greenhouse.
So i'm hoping to enjoy the rewards of greenhouse cultivation this
summer--assuming that the plastic doesn't melt in the heat. I grow too many
of my plants under lights and welcome the opportunity to grow Nepenthes
taller than 12", and without the burned upper leaves.

I am also the ICPS Seddbank coordinator. At present, the Seedbank has an
excellent selection of Sarracenia seed. But alas, Nepenthes seed is sadly
lacking. I plan to put the seedbank list on the network. Inquiries are

I have a Heliamphora nutans threatening to flower and am looking for pollen
for the first flower. Also, does anyone grow or know of someone who grows U.
campbelliana or U. jamesoniana? I presently have small pants of U. asplundii
for trade.