heliamphora question?

kirk martin (98286229@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU)
Thu, 13 Jan 94 15:12:26 PST

Just glanced at a few CP books I picked up from our Univ. library and
read that heliamphora has no digestive enzymes but rather uses microbial
action to break down the prey. Was wondering if the type or types of
bacteria were establ ished and whether or not a plant had to be "seeded"
with the correct bacteria in order to function? Also wondered if the
bacteria worked as a group effort or if it was a single organism.
If this is common knowledge, I apologize but I haven't had a chance
to review any journals yet. I'm anxious to get growing since it has
been unseasonably warm in washington but know how fast the weather can
change. Is the postal system equipped in any way to keep plants alive
now or should I wait until March?

Thanks, Kirk W. Martin 1100
Vanarsdol St. Clarkston Wa.
99403 509 758-4854