Re: newsletter

Oliver T Masse (
Thu, 13 Jan 94 15:06:40 EST


>>I love the name of the
bimonthly newsletter ``Trappings''! About how many pages do you expect it
will total in a year? 6? 30? 100?>>>

Thanks, I'll pass your compliment along. At present, it looks like perhaps
18-20 pages a year. I'll send you a copy. The "trading post"
will also be open for others who want to list plants.

On another note, -- last night the county fair asked us to participate
in this year's horticultural exhibits (set for Feb 4th-17th!). We are
now scrounging around trying to identify any of our plants that don't
look too grungy. (That is the proper botanical term for dormant,
right?) So far we're thinking about a 300 gallon terrarium with
Nepenthes and a demonstration bog garden. The terrarium has locking
sliding glass doors, and some of our members have spare lights.
Security may be a concern, as might temperature.

Anyone with experience or ideas about things we might put together in two
weeks, we'd appreciate your suggestions.

Good growing,