Re: Nepenthes Oddity (?)

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 12 Jan 94 09:55:13 MST

>I was offered seeds of this plant a few times by various people,
>however I was never interested as I m specializing in Nepenthes and
>Heliamphora. I ll have a look for seeds if you re interested. Let me just
>know your current snail-mail adress and if I m offered seeds again I ll
>send you some.

Andreas, my snail-mail address is listed below. If you ever hear about
seed from this plant (_Ibicella lutea_) please inform me. So far I've
been on a trail of misidentified plants, with everyone growing related
plants mistaking them for _Ibicella_ when in fact the plants are
_Proboscidea_. I'm running out of ideas...

Barry Meyers-Rice
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721 USA

P.S. Incidentally, a bit of checking in the literature verifies that in
California and Australia, where _I.lutea_ occurs as an introduced weed,
the calyx lobes are completely separate from each other. Anything with
fused sepals is not _I.lutea_.