Re: _Heliamphora_, again!

Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Tue, 11 Jan 1994 13:21:27 GMT+1

Jan, I wrote:
> >...that I wonder why material of this type was never mentioned if it was
> >collected.
...and you answered:

> "Never mentioned"? Several collections...

I know that material from Ilu was mentioned. However as far as I know
never any distinct characters of those collections were mentioned.

> >The plant we think is a hybrid ("spec. 2") between typical H.
> >ionasii and spec. 1 looks much more like typical nutans.
> >Of cause I can not be sure that typical nutans does not occur on
> >Tramen/Ilu only from the fact that we did not find it.

We found LARGE UNIFORM populations of the plant you'd call H.
nutans from Ilu/Tramen (sp.1) as well as LARGE UNIFORM populations
of the typical H. ionasi. At a place populations of both types touched
each other we found VERY FEW INDIVIDUALS showing INTERMEDIATE
CHARACTERS OF VARIOUS DEGREE. Of cause nothing is sure except
death, however I have little doubts that the intermediate plants are
hybrids of at least F2-degree. These plants look more like H. nutans
from Roraima or Kukenam than the spec. 1 plants do, regarding pitcher

> re:_H.minor_ from Chimanta
> >I know the H. minor from Chimanta as I grow one in my greenhouse
> >and I find it impressive how much it changed from the Auyan-type (Do
> >not get me wrong; I would'nt call it a new spec. :-).
> Do you think it does deserve varietal (or any other) rank, compared to
> current use of ranks in _Heliamphora_?
> >However also in this case I wonder why never somebody seems to having had a
> >close look on this "variety".
> "Never somebody"? Specimens...

I never had any doubts about H. minor records from Chimanta. However
I wonder why the following Characters never were mentioned, best to
my knowledge:

Hair inside the pitchers are very stiff and long (up to 3mm, similar to H.
ionasii) instead of typical H. minor where Hair are barely visible or
-sometimes- absent at all. Further the lid seems to have a shape
distinct from typical H. minor (more helmet-shaped), however I do not
dare to state this from the few pitchers I have at present.
Unfortunately my plant has not flowered yet.

> I think they would have recognized the difference between these and
> _H.minor_ from Auyan if there was a significant one.

Not significant???

The next days I'll take exact measurements of pitchers and send them
to you via e-mail.