Tissue culture questions

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Fri, 07 Jan 1994 17:06:58 -0800

Dear tissue culture gurus:

I recently took a one day tissue culture course and got successful
germination of _Pinguicula sp. "Agarra Mosca Violeta"_ in vitro. The
little plants are now about 0.5 cm in dia. with several leaves apiece.

I used SIGMA #6793 phytamax orchid multiplication media. This was
a compromise mix because we were attempting tissue culture and seed
germination with the same media.

Now that I've gotten some success, I'd like to try some other plants.
After gleaning through the archives, this is what I came up with for
recommended media (these are mostly due to Jan S.):

Carroll's media (ICPN v11 n4 12/82 pp. 93-96)
Murashige-Skoog media diluted 1:5, sucrose 20g/L
Terrestrial _Utricularia_
Carrol's media
Aquatic _Utricularia_
Carroll's media (no agar)
Pringsheim & Pringsheim media
Knudson C media

For solid media, use 8-12 g/L agar.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for the unspecified genera? I'm planning
on buying an assortment of powdered media from SIGMA and want to get
the appropriate types. SIGMA carries both Knudsons C and MS in little
foil pouches pre-measured for 1L of media.

Unfortunately, SIGMA doesn't carry anything even close to Carroll's
formula. If I want to use this, I'll have to mix it myself.
Is their any interest in making a group buy of chemicals for Carroll's
media? I could pre-measure and mix the chemicals into individual
packets suitable for making 1L of finished media. I could then
redistribute the packets for the cost of the component ingredients.

Finally, is their any truth to the persistant rumour that _Nepenthes_ has
been successfully cultured from tendrils? If so, how is it done? (Hormones,