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Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 7 Jan 94 14:49:12 MST

>never underestimate the luck and pride you feel when you're
>dreaming of a certain plant for years and then you've finally found it.


I know that feeling myself very well! Although I've not yet gone to
Venezuela or Malaysia, scouting and finding _Darlingtonia_, _Sarracenia_,
and all the other N. American CP is an extremely thrilling adventure.

>The only thing I wanted to explain is that a photo like the ones we're
>talking about not neccessarily means that the photographer later
>treats nature like garbage in just using a living being for a photograph
>and later throwing it away.


I'll look into this CPN problem. How about getting me information about
your own CP societies. I'm not only interested in getting information on
the English language ones!

One other thought about CP photography. When people take photos of plants
it is useful to have some idea of scale, so the reader knows whether the
plant is a few cm or decimeters in diameter. But such photos are often
unattractive, so I usually take pictures with a scale in the view, and
with scale out of the view. But nearly useless are photos with
a bad choice of reference object. Randy Lamb wrote a fantastic article for
CPN some time back on _P.villosa_, but as his reference object he used
a Canadian coin. I'm still not sure how big that is! The size difference
between a U.S. 10 cent and 25 cent piece is significant, for example!