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Paul Temple (temple_p@bst.dec.com)
Fri, 07 Jan 94 17:18:00 +0000

Shing Lam (do I call yu Shing or Lam - excuse my ignorance!)

>I'm interested in Broms, especially Tillandsias. I have a hard time,
>trying to establish contacts with other bromeliad growers. Do you know
>of a bromeliads mailing list?

No sorry, don't know of a mailing list but would like to.

I've a large collection of specimens, mostly NOT Tillansias, all
collected wild before conservation was a serious consideration. They
were collected by my Uncle (Peter Temple) who was a world authority and
knew "everyone" worth knowing. I've just inherited his Brom library
including photographic slides and hand drawings. I'm trying to sort it
all out (still movoing the books from his house to mine!).