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Paul Temple (temple_p@bst.dec.com)
Fri, 07 Jan 94 16:55:06 +0000


Yep, you spotted the deliberate mistake. I did mean P gypicola (I was
still suffering from seasonal celebrations!).

As to P alfredae needing high pH, I didn't know that!!! Maybe I can
improve my success with it and send you some.

>Indeed I am serious in going---in that I intend to go sometime within the
>next 3 years. But I have no firmer information than that. I think I have
>to wait for my and my wife's finances to stabilize a bit. She doesn't know
>any spanish and so she's enrolling in a class today. I'm taking it with
>her *porque necesito practicar* in a big way! I don't know how variable
>spanish is in Mexico, having only explored a few estados, but I'm curious
>if the strong indian influence in the Oaxaca regions change things much...

Fine, I can wait. Looks like you got lots of interest going - a group
would be cheap(ish). As to spanish - I can't speak it either but being
in a foreign country without the benefit of their language never caused
a problem yet. I point to my mouth for food. hands under head for a
bed, ... Need I go on?

See yousometime.