Re: Welcome, Andreas
Wed, 05 Jan 94 10:47:26 -0400

Welcome to all the new members. Hope you like the group.
Unlike Leif Johansson <>

> The few Nepenthes I have are grown under fluorescent
>lights during the winter. I keep them in clear plastic bags
>to maintain adequate humidity, and they seem to do just fine.
>Already I see several new pitchers on my N. Alata and N. Khasiana.

I'm experimenting with low humidity for Nepenthes right now. I've got
three _N.alata_ and a _N.khasiana_ sitting on my windowsill out in the
open. The humidity has got to be pretty low since we've got snow on the
ground, but the N.alata's seem to be growing fairly well (and pitching

>In the summer I take the plants outside (I live just outside
>of Washington, DC where the summers are generally hot and humid).

I'm thinking about going back to school for my masters in Computer Science
and my top choice at this point is U.California at Berkeley, so
hopefully I'll be able to experience some of this miraculous west coast

>Bill McLaughlin informs me that Ron Gagliarda has successfully
>propagated tuberous Droserae via tissue culture. Ron was
>until very recently the proprietor of Hungry Plants, a CP
>nursery which is now either out of business or under a different
>business arrangement (others in the group know more about this).

I think that he's getting away from selling retail CP and is going to
try selling wholesale CP, such as the Venus Flytrap, to commercial growers.
They will probably be sold as novelty items in florist shops and similar