Welcome, Andreas

Wed, 5 Jan 1994 7:58:05 -0500 (EST)

>Andreas Wistuba writes:


>As I m new to this carnivorous plant discussion group I want to
>introduce myself shortly:

(some stuff deleted)

Hello Andreas,
I will add a rejoinder to Jan Schlauer's welcome!

The few Nepenthes I have are grown under fluorescent
lights during the winter. I keep them in clear plastic bags
to maintain adequate humidity, and they seem to do just fine.
Already I see several new pitchers on my N. Alata and N. Khasiana.
In the summer I take the plants outside (I live just outside
of Washington, DC where the summers are generally hot and humid).
Your list of Nepenthes seems rather long and, unfortunately, the plants
I have are already included on it (I think). Did your list include
N. Khasiana? I don't remember, but here in the States it's not
hard to find.

Two other enthusiasts I know, who do not have INTERNET
access, are Rob Sacilotto and Bill McLaughlin. Rob has a nursery
where he raises Sarraceniae, Nepenthes, Droserae, and other CP's
along with many other interesting plants. Bill McLaughlin takes
care of the CP collection at the U.S. Botanic Garden here in
Washington, DC which has a fairly good Nepenthes collection.
I act as their ears and voices over the INTERNET.

>I became interested in this e-mail-group by Jan Schlauer who also told
>me that recently a plant order from my pricelist was organized via this
>list. So perhaps some of you know that I run some kind of a part time
>nursery selling in-vitro-propagated plants.

(more stuff deleted)

I, Rob, and Bill are among those who are participating in the group
order as organized by Don Burden. Don is also a subscriber to this
group and now that you have e-mail access then arrangement of the order
will probably be a lot easier for everyone. At last count, the
order requested from you adds up to quite a bit. (I wonder if you
have enough cultures of N. Rajah to satisfy the demand? :)).

>... At the moment I m working at the German Cancer Institute
>(dkfz) and doing my Ph.D-thesis there.

(more stuff deleted)

I sympathize with this--I'm trying to finish my Ph.D. thesis in
electrical engineering at U. of Maryland.

>Is anyone also working with tissue cultures of CP?
>Did anybody succeed meristemming Nepenthes?
>Does anybody grow tuberous Drosera in vitro?

Bill McLaughlin informs me that Ron Gagliarda has successfully
propagated tuberous Droserae via tissue culture. Ron was
until very recently the proprietor of Hungry Plants, a CP
nursery which is now either out of business or under a different
business arrangement (others in the group know more about this).
He has now taken a job at the Botanic Garden in Atlanta, according to

>I d like to trade young plants of Nepenthes for other Nepenthes I do not
>yet grow or for tubers of tuberous Droseras.
>I have Heliamphora tatei, Nepenthes inermis and more to trade for
>other rare Nepenthes or Heliamphora s.

>I d be very happy to find some mails in the computer.

You won't be disappointed, I'm sure! Again, welcome. It's nice
to have you here.

Perry Malouf