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Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Tue, 4 Jan 94 13:18:58 MST


Thanks for the information on the _Pings_. It seems that most people prefer
to use the more succulent leaves. They are, as you noted, less messy. Several
weeks ago I took a few leaves from just about every _Ping_ I have and I have
gotten 100% strike rate, so I'm feeling pretty pleased. Every Mexican
_Ping_, that is. The U.S. ones I propagate by seed. My _P.agnata_ is
flowering and after I took a variety of measurements (and preserved the
corolla lobes for Jan to ponder) I selfed it. I'm hoping to get lucky

>P. alfredae - grows a new plantlet at end of each sinuous summer leaf.

I am sad to admit that recently I was sent a few plantlets of this
interesting species and managed to lose it. I have difficulty with
the plants that require a high-pH medium.

>P. gypsophila - summer leaves not tried (by me). Winter leaves,treat

You mean _P.gypsicola_?

>>I am always pondering a trip down to Oaxaca and that area to look for

>If anyone was ever serious about a trip to Mexico to hunt Ping's, I'd
>consider it. But it would have to be for more than one!

Indeed I am serious in going---in that I intend to go sometime within the
next 3 years. But I have no firmer information than that. I think I have
to wait for my and my wife's finances to stabilize a bit. She doesn't know
any spanish and so she's enrolling in a class today. I'm taking it with
her *porque necesito practicar* in a big way! I don't know how variable
spanish is in Mexico, having only explored a few estados, but I'm curious
if the strong indian influence in the Oaxaca regions change things much...