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Tue, 04 Jan 94 18:00:14 +0000

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>Northern Belize is probabally another area that would be of interest to people
>hunting CP's.

First, most of Belize is good for CPs but mainly Utrics, especially the
aquatics. There's a couple of Drosera (I gave the one I found to a
CP'er in Carolina who promptly never spoke to me again! This was
despite my also giving him N. rajah - which I no longer have since I
gave to him, so don't ask!!!) There are no Pings that I know of, nor
much of anything else carnivorous.

Second, did you catch the lie above. Au contraire (you do speak French
don't you?), EVERYTHING is carnivorous. Basic rule in Belize - if it
moves, it sucks blood. Be warned - don't say I didn't tell you.

Third, in Belize they have the Fer de Lance. Who in their right mind
would hunt CP's at risk of meeting one of them? Forget that I did,
it's just a rhetorical question. Do take out insurance though. You
need a jet to Miami IMMEDIATELY if bitten plus about 9 months to learn
to exist again (I'm serious).

Fourth, (you did all know I could count didn't you?), you're being kind
- almost all the Belizian brits are "pompous, arrogant airheads" but
I'm afraid we've a lot more everywhere else too, not just Belize!!!
What was it someone recently said abouit 'orrible americans abroad -
let no-one doubt the British ability to be horrible-er.

Fifth, to reiterate, if anyone's serious about Mexico (NOT Belize -
notice the emphasis on NOT), I'd be interested depending on the warning
time, duration, etc..