FW: Journal of Tropical Forest Science 5(1)

Barry Meyers-Rice (barry@as.arizona.edu)
Mon, 3 Jan 94 09:31:38 MST

Welcome back Varmints!

I've got my _Sarracenia_ seed in the greenhouse in a chilly area (gets to
50 F at night) in the sun, and some are starting to germinate already! This
is surprising to me. I used to store _Sarracenia_ seed in the refrigerator
for about 4 months for stratification, but it seems that for at least some
of the seed, just 4 weeks of chilly weather is fine. I see I have a seedling
of _S.alata_ from Angelina Texas germinating, which I'm very excited about.
I got this from a packet of ancient, nearly all dead seed from the ICPS seed
bank, and am pretty surprised that even one seed germinated.

On a far more irritating note, I just watered my _Nepenthes_ which I keep in
my office. Something seemed a bit strange about the water (I keep a jug
of distilled water in my office), so I tasted it. Dammit! My office mate
keeps some sea anemones by his desk, and by adding some damned brine mix
packet to *MY* distilled water, he turned it into sea water. So now I have
to come back to the office tonight and flush out all my plants which I just
watered with brine. I am irritated. Fortunately I only watered two of the
plants, but since they are in a terrarium, the entire tank has been
compromised. Sheesh.