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Ksnive (
Sat, 9 Oct 93 09:45:45 PST

greetings family

my name is kevin snively and i live in everett washington
i'm a member of I.C.P.S. and the pacific northwest carnivorous plant
club. it has taken me quite a while to get here and i wish to thank ron
s. bob b. and doug f. for all there help and encouragement.
some of my friends and i have experience growing vft's out doors in
the drisely puget sound region. last year my plants saw +17 deg F. i
personaly lost quite a fiew but many of my friends did quite well.
our freeze was a dry one and the local theroy on why i lost so many when
others in colder microclimets did better was dehydration. there is also
talk of adaption to deferant microclimets in the native range. a big
factor also is the state of dormancy. here the chill requirement to
satisify is met before the winter is over. plants can recive frost
before dormancy starts or brake dormancy before winter is over and
damage occures. in a recent issue of the argus bulletin they talk of
growing vft's and sarracenia out in the bog garden year round .
a good mulch and an insulating blanket of snow go along way.
much of the local sucess was acomplished by encasing the vft's in ice to
protect them from the dry. i was unable to do this due to machinacal
good luck & good growing kevin