Re: Nepenthes seed wanted

Rick Walker (
Tue, 22 Sep 92 12:14:41 PDT

In message <01GP33M145S296VU5B@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> you write:
> I'd like to hear from anyone who has seed of Nepenthes species or hybrids
> to sell. Nepenthes are really the only CP I'm interested in at present,
> though I used to have other pitcher plants and drosera.

Hi Jeff,

Try getting the following files from the archives:

cp.suppliers 1 /usr/server/archives/cp Robert Allen's list of CP suppliers
cp.growlist 1 /usr/server/archives/cp Merged CP growlist for our group
cp.sellerlist 1 /usr/server/archives/cp Merged 1992 Commercial Price Lists

To get a file (for example "cp.suppliers"), send the message:
get cp cp.suppliers
To the address:

The cp.sellerlist has prices/availability for nearly all the big commercial
sources. The cp.supplier list has the addresses for each of the referenced
suppliers. Finally, the cp.growlist is a compilation of plants that are
grown by subscribers to this list.

I would encourage all growers to post a copy of their current grow lists
for inclusion in the archive.