Re: Old mail ...

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 21 Dec 90 10:26:40 mst

>I haven't had much experience with species other than those that grow locally
>(D. peltata, auriculata, whittakerii, macrantha sp. planchonii). I would be

Geez, all the luck! The closest verified CP to my front door is a
bunch of lakeweed about 250 miles away!

>D. glanduligera grows locally to me. It tends to grow in higher areas where i

(again, you are lucky slime! :-))

>is a bit drier, so this might be an important growing tip. You may find that
>the plants will die before reaching maturity (according to Robert Gassin of
>the VCPS who has tried growing it before) ... If not, let me know your secret

I have seen this young death too. I have gotten a few plants to seed
once but it wasn't very successful. I am trying the drier
approach now. I'll keep you posted.