Re: Diazanon

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Wed, 19 Dec 90 15:09:24 mst

Mike, I'll let you in on a little joke I find amusing. The aquatic Utric
from the biological supply, that I am SO SURE is radiata is playing
games with me. On parts of the stolon it is classic radiata. On other
parts of the stem it is more like inflata. I think that we will just
have to wait to see the flowers to be sure. I am interested in looking
very carefully at your plants next time I can.

The same for the collected plant from Conn. I would most likely think
that it is radiata too (!) but it is possible that it is a juvenile form
of inflata or geminiscapa. Now, you might be able to eliminate one or
both of those by range restrictions, I forgot to look at that last night
and I don't have that data with me.

Incidentally, my U. striata is sending out some stolons which have
leaves completely free of any bladders. Seems that most of the bladder
formation might be underground now. I have scads of tiny aquatic bugs
(food!) in my aquatic Utric buckets, too. I got them from a water sample
I took near Flag.

P.S. I'm gonna try some of that Diazonon... If I kill my plants, will die. :-)