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Every year the amount of phosphorous a crucial plant and life nutrient increaes and the ore resserves and the shortages on farms are chronic and reduce plant health and crop yields. Yet every day all of the phosphorous that is needed for crop yields is wasted and gone. Struvite, a white odorless mineral powder derived from urine. The chemical formula is (NH4MgPO4?+6H2O). The nitrogen and phosphorous in urine are harmful to sewage treatment plants, and go though that process directly into the water environment to cause algae blooms and over fertilized dead zones in oceans and lakes. Therefore it is helpful to remove nitrogen and phosphorous from urine, before it is diluted into the toilet. Urine is too salty for routine application to soils where rainfall is insufficient to leach away the salt.

DIY Nitrogen and phosphorous separation and extraction pee bottle. (picture) Hydrogen peroxide. For how to make anti microbial cellulose pads out of junk recyclable paper, for keeping the bottle clean, and for toilet paper.

Struvite makes an odorless salt free slow release fertilizer. Show pic of tree collard.Bird and bat restoration.

Electrolysis of the liquid ammonia remainder splits water and yields hydrogen fuel at a lower energy input.

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